URIBL FP-- better example

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Thu Mar 1 02:01:41 CET 2007

Matt Kettler wrote:
> Ken A wrote:
>> There should probably be some exceptions to the uri parser in SA,
>> assuming this is SA we are talking about. 
> True. but you can do this pretty easily in SA. No need to hack the parser.
> uridnsbl_skip_domain auth.info

Thanks! I didn't know that existed.

>> ( p.s. I put some spaces in the domain in question below to get around
>> filters, and to hopefully avoid that lame auto-responding anti-spam
>> system... )
> Which one?

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It was in spanish, so I'm not really sure what it said, but I don't 
really care either. :-\

> (I rarely see these, as I  blacklist such servers immediately to make sure they
> never DoS my server with their malicious misconfiguration.)

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