URIBL FP-- better example

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Thu Mar 1 01:34:32 CET 2007

There should probably be some exceptions to the uri parser in SA, 
assuming this is SA we are talking about. Now if it had a https?:// in 
front of it, that would be different, but this was just plain text. I 
wouldn't blame this on uribl.com.

Ken A

( p.s. I put some spaces in the domain in question below to get around 
filters, and to hopefully avoid that lame auto-responding anti-spam 
system... )

Matt Kettler wrote:
> Ken A wrote:
>> heh..
>> host auth .info.multi.uribl.com
>> auth. info.multi.uribl.com has address
>> That's funny.
>> blacklisted syslog config!
> It's also a registered domain, albeit with no NS records atm.
> Domain Name:AUTH. INFO
> Created On:20-Sep-2001 12:39:43 UTC
> Last Updated On:21-Aug-2005 04:05:10 UTC
> Registrant Name:Masato Kajimoto
> Strangely it got listed in URIBL black on 2006-11-09 09:08:11 GMT, but I can
> find no signs of any spam anywhere using this domain.
> Perhaps it had a server back in November and someone hijacked it..

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