Freebsd 6 and mailscanner port

Lars Kristiansen lars+lister.mailscanner at
Sat Jun 30 15:19:21 IST 2007

Mikael Syska skrev:
> Pablo Allietti wrote:
>> the problem? i dont know... im really lost with this.. if you have any 
>> advise please help me ...   
> You must be missing something ... also running 4.60.8 with FreeBSD 6.2 
> ... with no problems ... and I havent found a problem yet with the port 
> in freebsd.
> In a few days I will setup a new system, and hopefully I wont have that 
> problem ...

This might or might not be related to the original post,
  hope I am not hijacking.

But if any of you are putting up a new system on FreeBSD anyway, maybe
you can watch out for the following and report the specifics to the
maintainer of the port.

Last time I setup an all new mailscanner system was under pressure late
in the night during days of chaos, but if I remember correctly:

1. The port patched some files to get freebsd-specific paths.
2. I think "make initial-config" overwrote some of those files
     with unpatched files from the distribution.

Or maybe I was just tired. It should be tried on a fresh computer during
daylight hours to be more specific.

Thank you,

> // Mikael Syska

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