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As far as I understand clamd support is only from 4.61-5 beta



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Good day, all.

I'm running MS 4.60.8 on a CentOS 3.8 box.  I'm also running clamav-0.90.3, 
which I compile from source.  Previously, I had been using clamavmodule with

MS, but moved to using clamd.  As per a previous post, I added the following

directives to my MailScanner.conf file:

Clamd Port = 3310
Clamd Socket = /tmp/clamd
Clamd Lock File = /var/lock/subsys/clamd
Clamd Use Threads = no

However, now I'm getting the following errors:

Syntax error(s) in configuration file: : 30 Time(s)
syntax errors in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf. : 30 Time(s)
Unrecognised keyword "clamdsocket" at line 698 : 30 Time(s)
Unrecognised keyword "clamdlockfile" at line 699 : 30 Time(s)
Unrecognised keyword "clamdport" at line 697 : 30 Time(s)
Unrecognised keyword "clamdusethreads" at line 700 : 30 Time(s)

I didn't find any explanation of these directives in the conf file.  The use

of clamd is supported in 4.60.8, right?  If so, can anyone suggest how I can

fix this, or perhaps some doc on the subject?

As always, thanks.


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