Doubts about PF, what are the pros/cons about other MTAs?

Daniel Maher daniel.maher at
Tue Jun 26 17:12:53 IST 2007

> > Exim seem to extend Sendmail or am I wrong here ?
> Yes you are. :-) Exim is totally different from Sendmail. Different
> setup, lots of more/extended functionality etc.
> Personally I like it a lot better than Sendmail but that does not make
> it "better". Postfix (and Sendmail I presume) are supposed to handle
> large (and I mean LARGE) e-mail volumes better than Exim though.

In many ways, this is a moot argument.  All of the major *nix MTAs (i.e. sendmail, postfix, qmail, exim, and so forth) do what they're supposed to do - namely deliver mail.  Picking one over another based on perceived intrinsic benefits is a fool's errand, at best.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to one of familiarity, existing competency, and community (i.e. support).  If you feel confident that a particular MTA package meets a worthwhile level in those categories, then go with it.

Personally, I've only /ever/ used qmail and postfix.  Were I setting up a new mail system, I'd go with postfix, since I've been using it a lot lately, and I'm comfortable with it.  That's that, really.

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