Mailscanner message delays / load issue

Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Tue Jun 26 09:43:19 IST 2007


Alistair Carmichael wrote:
> Hi,
> Over the past few months we have noticed a steady increase in the load 
> on our 2 mail scanner servers and in the last few days messages have 
> been substantially delayed between being collected from the inbound 
> mailqueue to the outbound mailqueue. We are running mailscanner  version 
> mailscanner-4.53.8-1 on centos running linux kernel 2.6.9-55 and using 
> sendmail 8.13 as the MTA and clamav as the anti-virus software and 
> spamassassin as the anti spam software.
> We receive approximately 30,000 messages each day which are handled by a 
> cluster of 2 servers via DNS round robin, the load on both machines is 
> steadily at about 5,5,5 with clamscan processes constantly being at the 
> top of the process list in terms of cpu usage. We are also seeing log 
> entries similar to this constantly appearing in the maillog.
> MailScanner[31171]: Commercial scanner clamav timed out!
> MailScanner[31171]: Virus Scanning: Denial Of Service attack is in 
> message l5Q7bntD008994
> Both servers are high powered machines only running the mailscanner 
> software (xeon 2.8 cpu and 2gb ram in each machine)
> Is there a reason that the load would be so high as there’s not a huge 
> quantity of email going through the servers for what I would expect them 
> to handle, or if there are any configuration tuning that can be done in 
> mailscanner to resolve this (we’ve fine tuned the time out settings in 
> sendmail to minimise message delays but this hasn’t lowered the load or 
> message delivery time)

How are you calling ClamAV?

The last couple of versions of Clam have slowed things down greatly.  I 
was getting similar problems to yours (as were others, look in the list 
archives), and changing to use the new clamd support completely fixed 
the slowdown for me.

Anthony Peacock
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