AW: Mailscanner Taking to long to Process Incoming Email

Mikael Syska mikael at
Mon Jun 25 01:26:53 IST 2007


Res wrote:
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> On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, Richard Lynch wrote:
>> Just a quick comment. ClamAV 0.91 will greatly improve the DB load 
>> time.  RC2 was released today and  DB load time is an order of 
>> magnitude faster.
> I hope so, we are trying to move away from f-prot which has never 
> given us any issues, it handles it way better, many many times more 
> efficiently
> and faster then clamav which has given us loads well in excess of 15 
> on key servers, f-prot rarely if ever above 1.
> * Moving away from f-prot because of the stupid per mailbox licensing 
> that would see us pay them 1/2 million dollars for our sec MX alone on 
> the "off chance" it *might* have to handle all mail for every domain, 
> they want to be greedy, so now they get bloody nothing and we'll keep 
> clam on it and maybe try clam on key servers again to see if they keel 
> over :)

Just moved from clamav to clamavmodule for scanning mail ... in a few 
days I will see if it catches all the viruses ...

Before the batch time was 100+ seconds, now its 6+ seconds ...... maybe 
also a restart of the server would have been a good idea before trying 
to make the change ... but because its so far away, I would not do that 
before i'm at the location again ... just a little personal testing 
server ...

FreeBSD 6.2

// ouT

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