Doubts about PF, what are the pros/cons about other MTAs?

Mikael Syska mikael at
Sun Jun 24 20:29:44 IST 2007


Chris Yuzik wrote:
> I went through exactly this a few months ago, and we ended up going 
> with Sendmail, and I haven't regretted that decision for even a 
> minute. It's very stable, the configuration file is not that hard, and 
> it works with MailScanner flawlessly. :-)
When you say "it's very stable" ... did you have any issues with PF or 
what ever MTA you were using before ? ... or have you have a few issues 
witch have been fixed ?

When its a simple setup as only receive, scan, and then send the mail to 
the right destination ... the MTA config, can't be that hard I believe ...

I just want to use what ever MTA that does the job best ... before 
PostFix what choosen cause we also needed to deliver to local virtual 
users ... but that have been migrated to a other server now, so thats 
the only thing that was holding me back from changing ...

Exim seem to extend Sendmail or am I wrong here ?

Does Sendmail have mysql support for the transport maps ?

Any pros/cons between the MTA's are most welcome ... maybe there should 
be a page on the new ... cause I 
can't be the only one looking for an answer to this :-)

btw, if Julian reads this:
Error on:

best regards
Mikael Syska

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