4.61.3 Postfix with Clamd settings?

Rick Cooper rcooper at dwford.com
Sat Jun 23 18:13:00 IST 2007


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 > Subject: 4.61.3 Postfix with Clamd settings?
 > I'm running 4.61.3 with Postfix.
 > Run as user/groups are set to postfix/postfix and incoming 
 > work dirs are
 > chown'd to postfix/postfix.
 > Virus scanning using 'clamav' works perfectly.
 > I have clamd installed and running (Suse rpm's) under the default
 > user/group of vscan/vscan.
 > I can't get virus scanning to work using clamd.  All looks 
 > fine from the
 > logs except it's letting through copies of the eicar test 
 > file that are
 > caught by changing back to clamav.
 > I'm sure it's a permissions thing, but if I'm honest I'm out of my
 > depth/level of knowledge with what I need to change with regard to
 > permissions or group memberships in conjunction with the
 > mailscanner.conf settings.

	1. Run clamd as root and use Unix socket and/or only listen on
	2. Change the "User" setting in clamd.conf to the mail user (must be
started as root)
	3. Change the AllowSupplementaryGroups setting in clamd.conf to yes
and add the mail user group to
	   the clamd user group (must be started by root)

	4. Change the MailScanner.conf Incoming Work User and Group options


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