what does /s mean at the end of spamassassin rules

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Fri Jun 22 20:19:34 IST 2007

Nathan Olson wrote:
> In "Perl Best Practices", Damian Conway makes a good case for using /s all
> of the time.

I've not read that book, nor do I own a copy.. What was his rationale?

Bear in mind that a spamassassin body rule has had the input pre-processed. You
are 100% guaranteed there will never be a \n anywhere in the text scanned by a
spamassassin body rule.

Therefore, modifying the regex so . can match \n shouldn't matter, unless for
some reason the regex runs faster with this enabled.

However, if Damian's point is simply "be prepared for multi-line input".. well,
that can't happen here.

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