Sendmail and multiple queue groups

Pentland G. G.Pentland at
Thu Jun 21 16:21:02 IST 2007

Jules and everyone,

I am working on a new setup using MailScanner 4.59.4.

I have configured sendmail to have several queue groups


Where 3 differently configured MailScanner setups process the different
queues into the outbound queue.

I got loads of errors along the lines of...

NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): QueuePath /var/spool/mqueue/internal not subpath
of QueueDirectory /var/spool/mqueue/outbound/

Having checked the MailScanner code,, in line 715, sendmail
is called with a -OQueueDirectory=$queue.  I've commented this line out
and all works well but I'd like to ask your opinion if there is a
better, or more permanent fix, and would that be more appropriate.
Please keep in mind that upgrades are fairly rare here and we already
change a good number of bits and pieces from their normal states.

Also, what was the reasoning for calling sendmail in that way in the
first place?



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