OT: pdf spam

Martin.Hepworth martinh at solidstatelogic.com
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Or post it to pastebin or somethinh..

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> > I was just about to post about these myself. I have attached an
> >
> > I have found if I use 'less' to view the document it renders it to
> > text and is very readable. So would it be possible to convert a pdf
> > plain text and append it to the email message for the purposes of
> > spamassassin checks?
> >
> > Alternativly perhaps this is a job for MCP?
> >
> > Another possibility would be for the author of fuzzyocr to recognise
> > .pdf files and render them so they can be scanned for keywords. I
> > think of a few keyword and load issues this could cause though.
> I'm not sure that the example was attached - at the very least, I
> get it over here. :)  Would you be so kind as to forward a sample?
> Thanks!
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