Blocking IPs after a while

Budi Febrianto febrianto at
Wed Jun 20 04:49:46 IST 2007

mailscanner-bounces at wrote on 06-19-2007 08:48:20 PM:

> Marcel Blenkers wrote:
> > Hi there everyone,
> >
> > currently i am seeing a lot of mails towards a user, who does not exist
> > the mail-server or the system.
> >
> > There are a lot of different ips, always trying to send to this
> > user. So, they are not changing the to-field, they are always trying to

> > send it to this user..
> >
> > There are about 20 different ips trying to send to this user..some of
> > belong to some *.jp-domains.
> >
> > Ok, there is no problem with those ips sending to an unknown user, but
> > they are flooding my maillog ;)
> >

> You should probably be rejecting mail to unkown users. If you don't have
> the user, what's the point in accepting the mail in the first place?
> --

I think he already rejecting the mails for unknown users, but it still
creates entry in maillog and taking up some bandwidth, and that he want to

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