Blocking IPs after a while

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at
Tue Jun 19 11:47:53 IST 2007

Hi there everyone,

currently i am seeing a lot of mails towards a user, who does not exist on 
the mail-server or the system.

There are a lot of different ips, always trying to send to this specific 
user. So, they are not changing the to-field, they are always trying to 
send it to this user..

There are about 20 different ips trying to send to this user..some of them 
belong to some *.jp-domains.

Ok, there is no problem with those ips sending to an unknown user, but 
they are flooding my maillog ;)

Is there a chance to block those ips automatically?

Like vispan for example.

So i could set up a rule like 

After 10 unknown users block ip for x hours via access-rule..

Any ideas are welcome..

and no, there is no chance to block those ips via firewall, as i do not 
have the rights to handle the firewall on my own..
and my provider says, some other users behind the firewall would love to 
have those mails.. *shrug*

ok..he could setup an individual rule-set for me..told him that..
answer: "Then i have to setup individual rulesets for everyone"..

Thanks in advance..


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