New install, where are clamav-sigs located?

Martin martin.lyberg at
Tue Jun 19 11:09:21 IST 2007

Glenn Steen wrote:

> Well, Jules package will install clamav into
> /usr/local/{bin,share,etc,...}, so if it isn't there, the build proces
> likely borked out, for some reason.
> It should be perfectly harmless to rerun the package (at least the
> clam+SA one), so do that again... Unpack a fresh copy, cd into it, run
> ./ ... and keep an eye out for problems!
> You can start s transcript session (via the script command) or
> redirect standard input and standard error to a file... That way you
> can at least go back and see what broke:-)


Downloaded a fresh copy of the Easy installation package for Clamav and 
SA. Re-ran setup, no errors from the clamav installation. Skipped all 
perl-modules since they we're installed.

Still no clamav-sigs on the system.

/ Martin

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