Wrong MPEG movie detection (for e-mails written in czech language)

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 11:48:32 IST 2007

On 16/06/07, am.lists <am.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> On 6/15/07, Petr Zeman <zeman at juli.cz> wrote:
> >>> Hello,
> >>>
> >>> after MailScanner upgrade from old old version to 4.61.2 have problem. I
> >>> found too much e-mails marked as "MailScanner: No MPEG movies allowed".
> >>> After "little" analysis i found this: when e-mail begin with "V�en�
> >>> pane" (english equivalent "Dear Sir") in ISO-8859-2 encoding, is
> >>> detected as MPEG video. Is possibe to make in the future better MPEG
> >>> detection ?
> Maybe have all of your users write their mail in English only for now,
> until this gets sorted out.
> Just kidding, of course. :-)
> Like others say, the file format is inherently not "unique" enough,
> and normally I would not suggest modifying a system-level utility like
> "file" but your case is problematic enough that you may have to do so.
> Angelo
Since file is essentially meant to be interpreted by a human (no
utilities, apart from systems like MailScanner ever try rely on
file... Purely informational stuff, not really "system-level", IMO),
it is perfectly fine to edit the magic file to suit your local

That some file formats are less than well endowed, in the "magic"
department, is a very tired old thing... Not much to do about that,
apart form "fixing" it for ones own situation.

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