/etc/cron.daily/sa-update rpm conflict

Nerijus Baliunas nerijusb at dtiltas.lt
Wed Jun 13 11:56:32 IST 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 12:45:53 +0200 John Wilcock <john at tradoc.fr> wrote:

> > As all other MailScanner cron scripts (which update something) are named
> > update* (update_phishing_sites, update_virus_scanners), I'd suggest
> > to rename sa-update to update_sa or update_SA or update_spamassassin.
> > Then it will not clash with something else.
> If they're going to be renamed it would make sense to put the word 
> "MailScanner" in their name.

But only if all other update* scripts are renamed too. If only sa-update is
renamed, I think update_spamassassin is quite a good choice.

> Then again any such renaming is going to pose problems for people 
> updating...

Not really, as sa-update is disabled by default. If people enabled it, the new
one will be disabled by default, so they will not clash. And people of course
should read changelog in the announcement :)


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