Avg/Panda Patches

Rick Cooper rcooper at dwford.com
Tue Jun 12 03:10:20 IST 2007

 The attached diffs address the avg and panda issues. 
One of the current Panda common options will make the latest version hang
while "showing" the user the correct syntax. I also made one small change to
the panda parser to address another issue (which is commented in the
source). Assuming you would prefer not to check the clamd version and
disable threading if too low a version please modify the clamd stuff in
MailScanner.conf (I forgot to make a diff). If you want the version check
it's pretty easy.

# Clamd only: configuration options for using the clamd daemon.
# 1. The port to use when communicating with clamd via TCP connection
# 2. The Socket, or IP to use for communicating with the clamd Daemon.
#    You enter either the full path to the UNIX socket file or the IP
#    address the daemon is listening on.
# 3. The ClamD Lock file should be created by clamd init script in most
#    cases. If it is not then the entry should be blank.
# 4. If MailScanner is running on a system with more then 1 CPU core (or
#    more than 1 CPU) then you can set "Clamd Use Threads" to "yes" to
#    speed up the scanning, otherwise there is no advantage and it should
#    be set to "no". 
# None of these options can be the filenames of rulesets, they must be just
# simple values.

Rick Cooper

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