High ClamScan ...

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Mon Jun 11 22:06:21 IST 2007

> The speed is definitely different, but getting the files from eicar.org
> to download, and sending them through to one of our servers here is no
> easy task. We have so much stuffing blocking everything, it's near
> impossible to send something like that.
> I used to use a site that would send me a virus with the signature only,
> but it doesn't exist anymore.

There's a few dozen websites at least that will send you an email with the EICAR
file already built in.

Much easier than downloading it and emailing it to yourself.


This page will do the email trick, and also has the signature itself in the
middle of the text of the page, I tested the email feature and it is currently


However lots of them are broken atm:

info-techs is broken, seems to generate emails with empty (0 byte) attachments,
which obviously are not detected.


GFI seems to have stopped working, as it errors on submit:


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