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Sun Jun 10 22:08:09 IST 2007

Lance Haig wrote:
> I am off to buy a new book.
> Mine is so old
> Lance
> Julian Field wrote:
> I've just finished updating Part 2 of the book to get it up to date
> with all the new features and settings. I've just got to generate the
> PDF and glue it all together, then I'll upload the updated book to the
> publisher's site,
> Unfortunately this time the additions are little bits all over the
> place, so it's not going to practical to publish the new content
> separately, sorry. However, reading the Changelog will tell you all
> the new features and settings that have been added, and one version of
> the documentation is in the MailScanner.conf file. So you're not
> really missing out on anything.
> I'll announce it properly when I have uploaded the new content to the
> publisher's.
> Jules
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Old like me but always a good read :)>>

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