filenames getting mangled -- SOLVED!

Chris Yuzik itdept at
Sat Jun 9 00:30:32 IST 2007

Paul Bijnens wrote:
> For Thunderbird 1.5, do:
>    Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor...
>    look for the key "mail.strictly_mime.parm_folding"
> 	and change the value from 2 to 0.
> In thunderbird 2.0 the value for that setting is "3" (which is not
> allowed for tb1.5), and that manages to set the mimeheaders
> for the filename so that even LookOut or GMail can use them.
> So, better upgrade to tb2 and the problem is gone.
Yes, I have confirmed that upgrading the user's machine to Thunderbird 
2.x solved the problem. I suspected that anyways, but it seemed an odd 

Thanks for the help!


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