smf-sav causing problems with other networks?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Jun 8 22:20:08 IST 2007

James spake the following on 6/8/2007 12:57 PM:
> Hello,
> After getting a call from a customer, I went to try to validate the
> email address <user> with my favorite tool, sav I got this
> nice message:
> sav <user>
> SAV v1.3.0 (C) 2005, 2006 by Eugene Kurmanin -
> is handled (pri=0):
> Connecting to:
> Connected to:
> <<< 571 Email from x.X.x.X is currently blocked by Verizon Online's
> anti-spam system. The email sender or Email Service Provider may visit
> and request removal of the block.
>>>> RSET
> lorimor at Sender address verification failed.
> The only thing this server sends out to a connecting mail server is the
> sender address verification (aside from "normal" communication) so maybe
> all those folks who are/were against this type of method have won. Being
> the small kid on the block we will always have to bend to these larger
> companies with millions of customers.
> <rant>
> I can't confirm that its smf-sav causing the problem, but its the first
> thing that comes to mind. Of course there is no way to actually call and
> talk to someone about this to figure it out. "the worlds largest network
> - not answering calls?" The one tech I was able to get in touch with has
> "no way to contact anyone about the issue". Makes me think of those
> commercials and all those people... nice network there </rant>
> Has anyone else run into this with verizon specifically?
> Seems Im having to give up my tools.
> James
You can't contact any one at Verizon because they are all running around the
world with the cell phone guy!

Have you tried the latest version of smf-sav? Its at 1.4.0 now.


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