Invalid postfix queue files (UNCLASSIFIED)

Kash, Howard (Civ, ARL/CISD) hmkash at
Fri Jun 8 17:48:45 IST 2007

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE

After upgrading to MS 4.60.8, MailScanner has started reporting "New
Batch: Found invalid queue files: <list of queue names>".  Each of the
queue files appears to have a truncated message contents section and 90%
of them end with "To: undisclosed-recipients:;".  There's a total of
about 30 of them since I upgraded on June 4.  Anyone else seeing this?
I also upgraded postfix from 2.3.9 to 2.3.11 at the same time, but
figured I'd start here first since the postfix group will blame
MailScanner anyway...

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE
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