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Rick Cooper rcooper at dwford.com
Fri Jun 8 11:29:33 IST 2007

Is any one using Avg 7.1.24 or Panda 9.0.0-1

Since I haven't been able to find the reason bitdefender won't work under
MailScanner and I haven't anymore time to spend on it right now, I was
trying the above and found both are not working correctly under MS. The avg
parser has been patched and no longer reconginzes Identified|found, just
found (and a couple other minor things) and Panda has added some garbage to
the output stating cannot modify file even when there is no disinfect option
in place (even though it does have permissions as well). I fixed both for my
install but both have been patched by others. I was unware they needed
updates (I must have missed something somewhere in the past)

If you are using the above and having trouble I will put a patch together
this weekend, otherwise I will wait until next week, both should accomidate
older versions. 

Rick Cooper
I.T. Manager - Bob Thomas Dealerships
Phone : (260) 414-8566
Fax   : (260) 434-4400
Email : rcooper at dwford.com

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