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Have you got the auto-zip-attachments feature switched on?

Chris Yuzik wrote:
> A strange problem was reported to me today.
> Email attachments from one of our people is fine as long as it stays 
> within our server, but if he emails it externally, the attachment goes 
> but the filename gets mangled. I've had him send me a copy of the PDF 
> file via email and cc my gmail account, and I get the file fine with 
> my regular email, but when it arrives to gmail, the filename and 
> extension are buggered; if I save the file and rename it to "test.pdf" 
> it's fine. The odd thing is that the attachment I receive internally 
> apparently has a different name than it did on his computer.
> I've tried emailing the same attachment to my gmail account from 
> Outlook 2007 and from Thunderbird, and it always arrives as expected.
> Anyone seen this before or have any ideas?


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