MailScanner won't start after upgrade to 4.60.8-1

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jun 7 17:23:44 IST 2007

Quintin Giesbrecht spake the following on 6/7/2007 6:42 AM:
> In my list of processes, I only ever see:
> "MailScanner: starting child"
> It was working until I upgraded to 4.60.8-1 yesterday.  As a result,
> mail is piling up in my queue, but isn't getting processed.
> The logs don't seem to show anything weird, but I have attached my
> maillog to this email.
> Can someone please help with this?
Did you backup before you upgraded?
I have a script that I use to backup before every upgrade, and have an easy
way to restore with one command should the need arrise. It is modified from
the code snippet in the wiki.
I know that this won't help you now, but maybe in the future.


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