MailScanner monitoring

Ken A ka at
Wed Jun 6 17:03:58 IST 2007

Gareth wrote:
> I use Nagios for all our Linux servers and it works very well.
> You dont really need any mailscanner specific plugin for it since it can
> look for a running process with a specific name.
> On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 16:26, Julian Field wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Is MailScanner-mrtg still being maintained at all? The files on 
>> Sourceforge seem very old.
>> What's reckoned as the best these days? Has anyone written any plugins 
>> for Munin for it, for example?
>> Jules

We use nagios too, to monitor in/out queues, load avg, disk space, etc, 
and most importantly, to notify if something is out of acceptable range.
Nagios plugins are pretty simple. It looks like Munin makes nice graphs. 
Graphs are great to look at historical performance if something does go 
wrong - to see how long it had really been a problem before anyone 
noticed. I don't tend to look at them very often otherwise though.

Ken Anderson

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