Can't get clamd working???

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> I stated in my original email that I had the following line...
> Virus Scanners = clamd trend f-prot bitdefender
> I'm running four virus scanners (this is a test system).  For some 
> reason MailScanner finds clamavmodule but not clamd.  It also 
> finds the 
> other 3 scanners without problems.

It's because the Mail::ClamAV is a separate module not built in to

  if (eval 'require Mail::ClamAV') {
    foreach (@installed) {

Doesn't ensure your clamav installation is operational but it does insure
the module is available. The Clamd code could be moved into it's own module
and the eval could be performed. Even if it looked for the clamd binary it
doesn't mean the daemon is running.

Julian, How about adding

    push @installed, $scannername if $scannername eq 'clamd';
    next if $scannername eq 'clamd';

Right after next if $scannername =~ /generic|none/i; in InstalledScanners?
Or would you prefer an actual daemon check?
The above fixes the --lint issue at least.


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