Beta release 4.62.1

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Jun 6 00:32:11 IST 2007

René Berber spake the following on 6/5/2007 4:19 PM:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> I have fixed 2 major bugs in the auto-zip feature, and I have changed
>> the session handling in the clamd support to Rick's latest code.
>> Download as usual
> [snip]
> Question: is the etc/mcp/v320.pre included file necessary?
> If it is, do we have to maintain/configure it just as the original SA file?
> I'm deleting it since it looks like something somebody forgot to clean, just
> like the many .bak files under etc/reports, but now I see it has changed btw.
> versions.
It is necessary for MCP to function with spamassassin 3.2.0.


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