BitDefender and f-prot

Rick Cooper rcooper at
Tue Jun 5 18:52:59 IST 2007

I noticed something odd while testing the clamd stuff that has me pulling my
hair out.

Bitdefender is not finding any eicar infections and f-prot only finds
infected .zips not .rar. I will find the infected file in a rar since
MailScanner unrars them. Both scanners work perfectly when called from the
command line and when the wrapper is called from the command line. If I log
the incoming lines the parser sees f-prot doesn't seem to even see the rar
file and bitdefender scans everything but shows OK. To make it worse even
though f-prot sees the infected file that was in the rar file MailScanner
passes the rar back uninfected because it never ends up in {parts}.

Thinking it was a permissions problem I tried executing the wrapper as the
mail user and it works perfectly, tried running MailScanner as root and had
the same problem. I have no idea how long this could have been a problem
because exim catches the viruses at the door, and all three scanners find
the viruses when exim is in control.

Anyone have a clue where to look next? 

Rick Cooper

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