Lovers package at discount price! (fwd)

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Mon Jun 4 15:08:54 IST 2007

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> Res wrote:
>> I think its amazing our own mailing list doesn't use MailScanner to 
>> protect it :P
> Gee Res,
> So someone actually went and signed up to the mailing list, verified their 
> email address to the list manager, then sent this "special offer" to us?
> Looks like a pretty good deal to me. I'm sure glad they sent this great 
> offer to us. I'm a bit confused on some of the products though. What 
> exactly is "Viagra Soft"? Is that like a half-dose or something?

It's the antidote for when things get out of hand (?) and last longer than 
four hours.


> ;-)
> Chris

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