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> Hi,
> As a long time Gentoo user I have never felt the urge to switch too
> another
> distro, but due to a new career direction I plan to take I need to
> extend
> my knowledge of other systems.  I believe that CentOS would be a good
> choice, especially due to its upstream provider.
> Would be interested to hear peoples views on it, especially from a mail
> server perspective.
> If this will generate too much OT traffic, then please email me
> privately.
> Regards,
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CentOS (free) and Red Hat (Paid support) are both solid. They are guaranteed to have a long (5 year) rack life. Easy to configure and run and very easy to get free and commercial software for.

We've used CentOS since the early version of 3.x with absolutely no problems. 

Steve at fsl.com

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