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> Line 3097, I defer to your judgment on that issue
> Line 3211, That comment isn't relevant anymore and could be removed. I
> decided to use a Session rather than two connections, however 
> that may have
> been the wrong choice in the long run. I defer to your opinion on this
> issue. Using a session allows for issuing multiple within a single
> connection otherwise you have to reconnect to the daemon for 

Sorry to reply to myself, I have the entire batch at once problem solved,
but I am going to test for a while before I submit the new patch for In the last test I did I gave it a batch of 20 messages
with two infected archives (one zip, one rar) and it scanned the whole batch
about as fast as a single message. Below is the information I got using
Time::HiRes to measure. (the entire batch consists of a single message that
is the same message as the single, just resent 20 times)

Single Message ELAPSED TIME : 0.032859
Batch Of 20    ELAPSED TIME : 0.625119

So I think scanning the whole batch at once would be the way to go. I will
move it to a couple of production servers and run it for the weekend,
actually since I am out of town Monday if all goes well I will send a new patch Tues morning


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