How to store and delete a message

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Jun 1 16:57:51 IST 2007

Jason Gottschalk spake the following on 5/31/2007 7:03 PM:
> Hello Scott,
> Just one account, actually.
> I figured it out.
> I have to use two rules. The first issue was that I didn't realize
> there was a "non spam" item in the mailscanner.conf file until Julian
> pressed the issue. I found that the "non spam" was set to "store
> deliver" rather than a ruleset.
> So I changed it to a ruleset and then placed my rule in there to
> delete the message.
> So here is what I have now, which, btw, is precisely what I was looking
> for.
> nonspam.action.rules:
> From:Him at delete
> FromOrTo: Default Store Deliver
> Archive.Rules:
> FromOrTo: Him at HisDomain.Com /sites/hisdomain/mail/approve/mbox
> FromOrTo: Default
> So now I get what I want, his e-mail is stored for administrative
> approval before it is released. (There is a script that puts the
> message in /var/spool/mqueue after it is approved.)
Sounds like someone got in trouble.


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