MailScanner ANNOUNCE: Release 4.60.8

Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Jun 1 10:55:48 IST 2007

Hi folks!

Time for another new release, as it seems to have been quite a busy 
month. The major new features this month are:

- Support for milters in Postfix 2.3 and 2.4.

- All the attachments in a message can be compressed into a single zip 
file, saving space on mail servers when people have attached large 
uncompressed files. Look in the MailScanner.conf file for the "Zip 
Attachments" setting and you will find 4 settings giving you control 
over this feature.

- A lot of the installed Perl modules have been upgraded to their latest 

Download as usual from

The full Change Log for this release is:

* New Features and Improvements *
1 Improved Sophos.install script so that it sets up /etc/ 
ready for
  installation of Perl-SAVI module required for "sophossavi" virus scanner.
1 Custom Functions can now receive parameters not only to their Init and End
  functions, but also to their run-time calculation functions (i.e. the real
  custom function itself used when processing each message). The Custom
  Function is now passed not only the message, but also a ref to a list of
  parameters specified in the MailScanner.conf file.
1 Improvement to phishing net.
1 'clamavmodule' scanner no longer detects encrypted zips/rars as viruses,
  leaving MailScanner to do the check later in the dangerous content 
  The consequence is that MailWatch will allow them to be released from
2 Updated a whole load of Perl modules in the pre-requisites lists for both
  MailScanner and SpamAssassin.
2 Added a "--nomodules" command-line option to the MailScanner
  script to skip installing required Perl modules.
2-2 Fixed bugs introduced by 4.60.2 in generic installer. Only affects 
  Linux and non-Linux' installer.
2-4 Fixed more non-Linux installer problems.
4 Added more modules to the list output by "MailScanner --version".
4 Improved phishing net detection of HTML tags, courtesy of 
snifer_ at
4 Added patches to provide full "p record" support in Postfix 2.3 and 2.4,
  courtesy of Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at>.
5 Added a new feature, to compress all the attachments in a message and
  replace them with a single zip file.
  Set "Zip Attachments = yes" (no by default), and
  set "Attachments Zip Filename ="
6 Added 2 new configuration options for the "Zip Attachments" feature:
  Attachments Min Total Size To Zip = 100k
  Attachment Extensions Not To Zip = .zip .rar .tgz .gz .mpg .mpeg .mp3 .rpm
  Hopefully these are fairly self-explanatory.

* Fixes *
1 Phishing net now correctly handles HTML tags inside links.
1 Deprecated clamscan flag replaced with supported one to stop it printing
  the summary.
1 Added '-b' to nod32-1.99 command-line options in to stop
  scanner producing licensing details. Thanks to UxBoD.
1 Removed test in RPM distribution's test for RedHat 6 as it will clash with
  RHEL 6 and Fedora. Anyone still running RedHat 6 has bigger problems! :-)
1 Worked round Perl bug in returning number of RBLs hit by a message.
1 Fixed problem causing some password-protected RAR archives to be missed.
3 Fixed bug introduced in earlier beta in RBL code.
6-2 Patch to Exim to handle named ACL variables as well as numbered ones.
    Courtesy of Maarten Vink.
7 Added v320.pre to mcp directory.
7 Postfix 2.3/2.4 patch fix.


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