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Jeff Mills Jeff.Mills at versacold.com.au
Fri Jun 1 06:37:07 IST 2007


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> Rodney Green wrote:
> > Hello,
> >  
> > I've seen VMware mentioned in a recent thread. What are the 
> benefits 
> > of using such a solution for an e-mail server?
> > I'm downloading VMware Server; the "free" version. Is this what you 
> > guys are using? Is it indeed free?
> >  
> > I just never thought of using virtualization for an e-mail server. 
> > It's an interesting idea and would like to hear from people already 
> > doing it.
> I'm planning to test a MailScanner box in an OpenVZ virtual 
> machine when I have time...

I'm running a MailScanner box on VMWare - Gentoo Linux
Its been working flawlessly for the last few months.
We are using the enterprise version though, not the free version.
However, they are pretty similar. The enterprise version just as some
nice features such as automatic load balancing over physical hardware,
and automatically restarting a VM on another box if the physical
hardware dies etc. Also central management etc is a big help to us.
The enterprise version is also an O/S in itself. You do not need to
preload the hardware with an operating system before installing VMWare.

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