mailscanner trouble

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Tue Jul 24 17:36:58 IST 2007

simon wrote:
> I have the following setup and was running fine for the past 2 years or so
> REDhat 8
> bind-9.2.1-9
> sendmail-8.12.5-7
> mailScanner  4.28.6
> spamassassin-2.31-16
> clamav 0.91
> domain name--


> Jul 22 09:41:34 kmdns MailScanner[24612]: Commercial scanner clamav timed
> out!
> Jul 22 09:41:35 kmdns MailScanner[24612]: Virus Scanning: Denial Of
> Service attack detected!

Based on that log message, clamav is running very, very slowly. You might want
to try manually running clamscan on some files and see how long it takes.

I know that clamav 0.90.3 had major delay problems, but 0.91 shouldn't. Make
sure that you don't have some mistake where two different versions of clamav are
on your system at the same time.

Also, as a side note, your spamassassin version is *way* out of date. SA 2.31
was released 06/20/02, over 5 years ago.

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