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Fri Jul 20 15:26:00 IST 2007

I say do both.  People didn't know how to use hammers until somebody
made them first. 

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That would be easy to add. Would many people use it?
It would just be an "Adjust SpamAssassin Score" configuration option.

I'm still unconvinced that adding the Subject matching would actually
get used by many people. Very few people have said "yes, I have a
definite need and a use for it".

Steven Andrews wrote:
> A little off the topic here, but regarding new features...what about 
> being able to add score to a TLD or domain by rule?
> Ex:
>		yes	1.0
>		yes	10.0
>	yes	-10.0
>	no 
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> Matt Kettler wrote:
>> No, since when are rulesets in MailScanner in any way redundant with
> SA?
>> SA can't do something like:
>> 	quarantine any message with subject text "You've won"
>> 	delete any message with the subject text "postcard"
>> Sure you can use SA's rule scores to force your "high scoring spam 
>> action", but you can't do *BOTH* of the above actions at the same
> time.
>> But MailScanner rulesets can.
> An alternative suggestion would be to allow MailScanner rulesets based

> on SA rule names. This could be potentially far more flexible than 
> just based on the Subject:, enabling you to take action on just about 
> anything in the message. Simply write a custom rule, score it at 0.001

> if you don't want it to affect the spam score, and trigger a 
> MailScanner action as a result. Got doubts about a new rule's false
positive rate?
> No problem, quarantine all messages that hit the rule. The 
> possibilities are endless.
> John.


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