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Yes, you can do this. You just need to create a ruleset (or Custom 
Function) to produce a different "Outgoing Queue Dir" for different 
messages. Then you can use the "Delivery Method = batch" for messages 
you want delivering immediately, and "Delivery Method = queue" for 
messages you want to deliver under the control of a different program. 
Again, you do this by applying a ruleset or Custom Function to the conf 
setting "Delivery Method".

If you use "Delivery Method = queue" for a message, MailScanner will 
just put the message in the outgoing queue ready to be delivered, but 
won't actually tell sendmail to do anything with it. "Delivery Method = 
batch" does the same, but also tells sendmail to immediately attempt to 
deliver the message.

Rulesets and Custom Functions are all explained in the book. There are 
many examples of Rulesets in the book and the wiki (and in the mailing 
list archives) and there are examples of Custom Functions in the book 
and in the directory /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/CustomFunctions" 
on your MailScanner server.

Hope that helps get you started,

P.S. For a fee, I will write the code for you if you know what you want 
to do. Or I can write enough of it to get you going if you aren't quite 
sure yet what you want to do. Unfortunately I can't afford to give away 
my programming effort for free (other than in MailScanner itself, of 
course! :-)

Gordon Colyn wrote:
> -] ITNT [-Any way you can create a process to deliver very large mails for 
> specific domains at a different time or place in a different sendmail queue 
> that can be triggered to allow for delivery after hours?
> Thanks
> Gordon Colyn
> 083 296 7534
> 011 792 5990
> InTheNet Technologies
> www.itnt.co.za
> MSN: gordoncolyn at hotmail.com
> SKYPE: gordoncolyn 


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