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Please lookup rulesets in any of the documentation, or Google for that 
matter. They are well documented with quite a lot of examples.

Charles Lacroix wrote:
> Well i want to disable it until i get more familiar with the rulesset.
> As it's blocking alot of files that aren't problematic. 
> can i write a rule in filename.rules
> allow	*.*	-	-
> On Wednesday 31 January 2007 12:30, Rick Chadderdon wrote:
>> Charles Lacroix wrote:
>>> I do want to scan for Dangerous Content
>>> as phishing fraud
>>> Virus scanning i am planning on pushing clamav in there.
>>> as i filter with clamav directly into postfix at the moment.
>>> How can we just disable attachment checks ?
>>> Or at worse, put a rule to allow everything.
>> So you want MailScanner to scan *only* for spam and phishing?
>> MailScanner might be too much tool for your needs since it seems as
>> though the only thing specific to MailScanner that you want to use is
>> its internal phishing/HTML scanner.  Still...
>> You might be able to achieve what you want by setting:
>> Virus Scanning = no  # the default is "Virus Scanning = yes"
>> and then using filetype.rules.conf and filename.rules.conf to allow the
>> most common kinds of files to pass through unmolested.  I'm not sure if
>> MailScanner still does filetype/filename scans if Virus Scanning is set
>> to "no", but you could give it a try.
>> You can always use rulesets to modify which messages get which tests.  I
>> recommend doing this rather than just opening up a huge hole by trying
>> to allow all attachments.
>> Rick


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