dcc,razor,pyzor on MS running centos4.4

jepoy jcb at dream.com.ph
Sat Jan 27 00:07:10 CET 2007

>> >Start looking at (MAQ):
>> _bayes
>> >And also (wiki):
>> ssassin:plugins
>> Is that stuff still current?  On my new Centos 4 setup I simply used
>> install perl-Razor-Agent pyzor DCC"
>> The last 2 are from atrpms.net
>> I then commented out the lines in spam.assassin.prefs.conf: (I got lint
>> errors if I left them in)
>> # pyzor path
>> # DCC path
>> Last I made sure the relevant lines in v310.pre were uncommented.
>> Bingo, instant razor, pyzor and DCC.
>> Peter
>Since they detail how to use the f^Hsource, I presume they are OK.
>If you want to use RPMs and yum, and feel this should be mentioned in
>the wiki... why then... feel free to update the wiki pages with this
>additional info;-). After all, that is what a wiki is all about:-D
>That you get errors about some lines regarding pyzor and DCC might be
>indicative that you aren't loading the plugins properly... Have you
>checked (with a spamassassin -D) that they load/execute as they
>should? See, SpamAssassin doesn'ät know about those settings.... the
>individual plugins do though;-). So if you had done thinsg the other
>way around (load plugins uncommented, then --lint) things might've
>looked differently;)

I just tested it again, the pyzor_path is actually OK and DCC_path is also
OK if I change it from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin - the rpm put dccproc in
a different place.

However, I am curious as to why the settings are needed as it actually
worked and linted fine with the lines commented out.

Now that they are plugins, are the path lines still needed?


Hi guys,

just came back from the office. ill' try to upgrade first my SA to 3.1 and 
try those things out.i hope they can put this stuff on the wiki for us new 
to MS really work things out.


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