Notify sender of viruses Only when they belong to my internal network

Jorge Costinha jlcostinha at
Mon Jan 22 17:31:02 CET 2007

greatings all,

here what i have tried, unsuccessful:

in Mailscanner.conf

Notify Senders of Viruses = %rules-dir%/NotifyVirusSenders.rules

contents of NotifyVirusSenders.rules

From:		192.168.10.	yes
FromOrTo:	Default	no

ive tried change the ip to my domain, something like

From: * yes 

didnt work. the purpose of this started when someone inside my network sent an excel password-protected file. The email wasnt delivered and the sender didnt get any notification. I figure that internal users should be receive notifications. if anyone has a better idead, i would appreciate. Anyway, i cant seem to identify the problem. 

thanks in advance 
Jorge Costinha

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