mailwatch problem

Vasiliy Boulytchev vasiliy at
Wed Jan 17 22:28:14 CET 2007

    Just setup my MS boxies to use Mailwatch...
    I can see the tables being updated on the MySQL server...
    However, when I visit the final http://blabla/mailscanner/ for the 
expected mailwatch graphs, I get

%H:%i:%s') AS datetime, from_address, to_address, subject, size as size, 
isspam, ishighspam, spamwhitelisted, spamblacklisted, virusinfected, 
nameinfected, otherinfected, sascore, report, ismcp, issamcp, ishighmcp, 
mcpsascore, '' AS status FROM maillog WHERE 
".$GLOBALS['global_filter']." ORDER BY date DESC, time DESC LIMIT 
".MAX_RESULTS; db_colorised_table($sql,"Last ".MAX_RESULTS." Messages 
(Refreshing every $refresh seconds)"); html_end(); ?>

    nothing in the apache logs :(

    Any suggestions?


Vasiliy Boulytchev
vasiliy at

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