3rd party clamav sigs

Gerard gerard at seibercom.net
Fri Dec 21 23:31:11 GMT 2007

> On December 21, 2007 at 05:53PM Ken A wrote:

> In any case, I visited the sanesecurity site and there's a new version
> of the script - updated this month. So, in testing it, I'm seeing it
> grabbing sigs from a few other sites.
> Sanesecurity and MSRBL have been good in the past, but I'm not sure
> about the others. Any opinions or experiences with these sources below?
> Thanks,
> Ken
> # Files updated:
> # honeynet.hdb.gz       (securiteinfo.com)
> # mbl.db                (Malware.com.br)
> # MSRBL-Images.hdb      (MSRBL.com)
> # MSRBL-SPAM.ndb        (MSRBL.com)
> # MSRBL-SPAM-CR.ndb     (MSRBL.com)
> # phish.ndb.gz          (sanesecurity.com)
> # scam.ndb.gz           (sanesecurity.com)
> # securiteinfo.hdb.gz   (securiteinfo.com)
> # vx.hdb.gz             (securiteinfo.com)

Hi Ken,

I wrote that script. In the script, you will notice that "MSRBL-SPAM-CR.ndb     (MSRBL.com)"
is disabled by default. There is a link to a site that details why it might
not be appropriate for you use. The other sites have never given me any



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