Very OT: bind/named question

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Thu Dec 13 21:10:52 GMT 2007

Hit send too soon :)

Have you disabled IPV6 on the box itself?

/etc/sysconfig/network, add: "NETWORKING_IPV6=no"
/etc/modprobe.conf, add: "alias net-pf-10 off"


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Hello All,

I've a caching nameserver configured on my recently built CentOS 5.x
mail server. The server is completely 'self-contained' as all mail and
related processes are local on the box; no gateways.

I recently configured a similar box with CentOS 4.x this past year and
have not seen this problem:


Dec  9 04:07:42 mxt named[3020]: FORMERR resolving
'': Dec  9
04:08:39 mxt named[3020]: FORMERR resolving

I get many of these an hour. I'm not seeing real named problems, though.
Mail seems to be flowing okay.

What if anything can I/should I do about this?

I've performed some searches on this topic and see that this can be
related to IPV6 being enabled, but I believe I've disabled it. Also
mentions of lame servers being at approximately 60-some-odd-percent
Internet-wide and spammers with forged IPs causing these. That seems
more likely; did the authors of bind just change the error message for
lame servers to be more specific?

Your comments/suggestions appreciated.


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