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Mark Nienberg wrote:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 11/29/2007 4:17 PM Mark Nienberg spake the following:
>>> A buddy of mine is doing a fresh install of MailScanner on a Centos 5
>>> box and he reported to me that when he ran the install-Clam-SA script
>>> and it gave him the option to install Dag's rpms instead he did so. 
>>> But then when he reran the install script and told it that clam was
>>> already installed, it tried to build Mail::ClamAV in addition to all
>>> the SA stuff.
>>> The build of Mail::ClamAV failed, I assume because he did not install
>>> Dag's clamav-devel rpm.  The script only says to install clamav,
>>> clamav-db, and clamd from Dag.
>>> I think it would be best to skip the build of Mail::ClamAV if the
>>> user says that clamav is already installed.  Or else tell the user to
>>> install the devel package too.
>>> Mark
>> You should have him look at the message with subject;
>> Experimental repository for RHEL 5 / Centos 5
> I thought that the experimental yum repository only installed the
> minimum MS package and dependencies.  If so, that doesn't really answer
> the question about installing Clam and SA does it?

SA is considered a minimum requirement. I am preparing a test setup to
document other packages in there that can be obtained through rpmforge.

Something like:

	yum install clamav
	MailScanner.conf lines: ......


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