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In the US at least, perhaps elsewhere, it is a non profit organization of businesses that promote each other and also track businesses with poor histories, and after confirming bad business practices, distributes the information to anyone in the public that asks for it. I typically check with the BBB website for information on a company before buying something over the internet, for example.

Scott Anderson

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Rob Sterenborg wrote:
>> Heads up. We just started seeing these and they look nasty.
>> Subject: BBB Complaint for Elizabeth MeHaffey [Case id:
>> #48556fc5ba482c6f07ada256696597e1]
>> they purport to be a Better Business Bureau compliant against the
>> company and the recipient of the fraud.
>> Going to a link in the document downloads an executable that is
>> probably not going to be good for your computer.
> Could you put the message somewhere on a website and post a link to it?
Out of idle curiosity, what is the "Better Business Bureau"? Some
company flogging something, I guess...


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