Releaseing mail from quarantine (wiki instructions didn't work)

Chris W. Parker cparker at
Wed Aug 29 18:44:32 IST 2007

On Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:45 AM Julian Field said:

> Once you've copied the message into the *outgoing* queue, it won't get
> re-read by MailScanner, but you need to tell sendmail to make a
> delivery attempt on the message, or else it will just get processed
> the next time the queue runner passes it in the queue. Read the docs
> for "sendmail -q". 
> If you don't like the instructions on the wiki, please expand them!
> But you do *not* need to restart MailScanner to flush the outgoing
> queue, what you are seeing is a side-effect. If you want to try to
> flush every message in the queue, do "sendmail -q". If you know that
> the message you are trying to flush contains "01234" in its filename,
> you can do "sendmail -qI01234" and it will just flush that message.

Thanks Julian.

I didn't realize the wiki was open to everyone so I will note all these
things there.


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