MailScanner via Yum (CentOS)

Tom G. Christensen tgc at
Wed Aug 29 07:48:32 IST 2007

Paul Hutchings wrote:
> I'm playing with CentOS 5 as a new distribution.
> It seems I can get most things via the CentOS distribution or by adding
> rpmforge to the yum repository list.
> Does anyone know if it is possible to get mailscanner in this manner
> rather than having to download and build from the RPMs on the site?
I just did such an install on CentOS 5, but it's not as easy as it 
should be.

The main gotcha is that 3 of the perl modules that MailScanner wants to 
install conflicts with the main perl package since it already provides 
the modules. The modules are File-Temp, Getopt-Long and Test-Harness.
For my own use I've created a perl package which has these modules as 
replaceable subpackages. The alternative is to force the install of the 
offending RPMS.

With rpmforge enabled and standing in the MailScanner dir I did:
# yum install `ls perl-* | sed -e 's/\(perl-[a-zA-Z-]*\)-[0-9]*.*/\1/'`
# yum install tnef

perl-HTML-Parser is only 3.55 in CentOS 5 while MailScanner ships 3.56, 
I built my own version of the RPMforge package with 3.56 instead.

mailscanner itself ofcourse it not available via yum but with all the 
above in place you can just install the rpm package in the MailScanner 
tarball without running (yay!).

After that it's easy, RPMforge has clamav, SA and Razor ready to install.
If you want DCC you can get it from


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