Simple show of hands... regarding bonded sender, dkim, habeas, etc.

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Tue Aug 28 08:29:57 IST 2007

If they get a negative score in the default spamassassin configuration then
I leave it in.
I have only ever had one spam come through one of these programs (IADB) and
I forwarded the mail to their helpdesk and they agreed it was spam and said
they would take it up with the sender.

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> Subject: Simple show of hands... regarding bonded sender, dkim, habeas,
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> I think this, although related to mail scanning practices more so than
> the software, may be a smidge OT, but it's absolutely the correct
> forum for the question...
> Does anyone else give "credit" either by way of SA negative scoring,
> whitelist status, or any other reward (pick a style) for senders
> coming in as a "bonded sender" or "habeas accredited" or any other
> pay-to-play sending service?
> I currently do not, but I was interviewing someone and their answer
> was "well if they go to the trouble to set that up, then I leave that
> up to the people at bonded sender, etc. to filter out the applicants
> for me."
> Personally, I don't care what accreditation a sender has or spoofs, if
> it has spammy intention (URI, phraseology, etc.) I'm gonna filter it.
> Does the community agree?
> I'd love some other viewpoints on this.
> Thanks all,
> Angelo
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